The British International School of Northern Thailand

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Teacher  Pu Yaling

อ. ผู่ ยาหลิง


Bachelor Degree Certificate (Majored in management)

Wuhan University of Technology


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 My name is PuYaling (普玲),

I am 35 years old. I graduated from Wu han

University of Technology. Before I came to Thailand. I taught Chinese students English and foreigners Chinese at a Language School in Kunming ,China   

I have been teaching Chinese and ESL at BISN since 2008. I love teaching small classes because I think teachers can take care of every single student. and the students can learn more efficiently.

 I have a flexible attitude and an ability to adapt well to new situations . I consider I

have good interpersonal and communication skills which has enabled me to function

quickly and effectively in new cultural environments. It is these skills, along with

patience and tolerance that make me well suited to the teaching profession