The British International School of Northern Thailand

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  Mr. Ronald Van Gent

อ.รอน แวน เกนท์

Head of the Science and Maths Department as well as Headmaster.

Bachelor of Biotechnology,

Master Degree in Natural Sciences with a Major in Chemistry, Catholic University Nijmegen, The Netherlands

British International School Head Teacher Mr. Ronald Van Gent

Meeting the Staff

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My name is Ron van Gent and I have been working for The British International School of Northern Thailand since January 2011, first in Krabi and since August 2011 in Lampang. My first teaching experience in Thailand was working as a voluntary English teacher at the Nong Thalay Wittaya School in Ao Nang. During that period I discovered that teaching gave me great pleasure and I decided to make a living out of it. Developing my career, I became a fulltime science teacher, Head of the Science and Math department and now Headmaster of an excellent team of 14 teachers. My style of teaching comprises understanding instead of learning and doing that by spending as much time as possible in the laboratory. Succeeding in this gives me tremendous job satisfaction. Every day I realize how happy I am by making a career change. My previous career allows me to give real life examples of experiments and that stimulates the students. Science helps the students to understand the world around them better and that is great. For me Science is more than just a subject at school, it’s a subject that helps the students to understand the World around them much better. To inspire them to contribute to mankind by becoming scientists and to preserve our beautiful World.



I have lived in Thailand since 2009 and I enjoy every day of it. I am married to a lovely wife and I am a father of a three year old beautiful daughter.

I graduated with a Master degree from the Faculty of Natural Science of The Catholic University of Nijmegen, majoring in Chemistry and with a subsidiary subject in Toxicology. I hold a Bachelor degree from The University of Gelderland with the major in Biotechnology as well. During my study, I won the first Prize at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, University of Utrecht. Prior to my teaching career I worked for 13 years for the pharmaceutical industry such as Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline. I was involved in pre-clinical as well as clinical drug research in several therapeutic areas. During these years I held several management and director's positions.