The British International School of Northern Thailand

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 The British International School of North Thailand is Lampang's first international school, in fact the ONLY International school in Lampang. Opened in May 2003, our international school in Lampang has well-equipped large-sized modern classrooms, spacious and safe playing areas, a children's swimming pool, an international library well-stocked with Thai, English, Japanese and German children's publications, and a music room with piano, flutes, percussion and violin. Lampang International School is also proud to have a computer-center with over twenty computers and an expert team of computer instructors. Our growing team of international teachers includes teachers from Britain, The United States,  South Africa, Germany, The Netherlands, India and of course Thailand.  

Our education program begins at nursery level, continues through kindergarten which follows the Montessori teaching method, and ends with preparing the students for their IGCSE  O- and A-level exams. Our primary department follows the British national curriculum which focuses on the important core subjects of English, mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry.  In addition, it places special importance on the personal and social development of each child. Children at all levels of our education program are exposed to English and predominantly taught in the English language, but students are also taught Thai and Thai culture throughout.


                                                   Our Mission

“In 2003 we started our School and from small beginnings we are now up to grade 13. With a staff of over 40 we continue to grow, but not too big. Our classes are small and personal. We follow the British Curriculum, providing the best schooling in Lampang and Krabi.

Do visit and see for your self!



Dr. phil. Pimonmas Photong

            School Director



 The BISN in Lampang is located in a spacious and peaceful location next to the river and being slightly outside the city, it enjoys fresh air and a clean environment. Our grounds are beautifully maintained and we provide guests and parents with ample parking space.

The school swimming pool is located next to our bistro which serves drinks and homemade cakes and biscuits, and parents and students are welcome to come and enjoy the facilities after school hours.

(66) 054 324596


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