The British International School of Northern Thailand

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 The Montessori Kindergarten (Reception: Early Years)

Headed by Ms. Sonika Sony. Ms. Sonika joined our school 12 years ago. Ms. Sonika holds a BA in Business Administration and a Masters in English Literature with emphasis on Shakespeare's work from Graewahr University, India. She also holds a Certificate in Teaching Montessori (3-5) from Centre of Education and Research Development (CERD).

The International Montessori Kindergarten was founded in 2003. At that time it was only a small but the only one and first international school in town. The Montessori method of teaching was chosen by Dr. Pim to be implemented in the school as she did lots of research work about it during her stay in Auckland, New Zealand. Being convinced in the principles of freedom, self-motivation and self disciplines children are encouraged to develop in Montessori classroom, she strongly believed that the project was the right thing to do even though at that time Lampang was just a small town with low rate of expat population.

The Montessori kindergarten, now becoming a part of The British International School of Northern Thailand, hasn't stopped serving community ever since, not only by providing the city of Lampang and Northern Thailand with character education, but the kindergarten is also the place where Pedagogy students from universities in Sweden and Germany did their practice teaching. The staff also helped and trained big group of 8O kindergarten teachers from public nursery schools. Students from Teacher's Colleges from many regions of the country came to visit and take lectures and class observations on how a Montessori classroom functions.


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