The British International School of Northern Thailand

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 Teacher Christine Abraham

อ.แอนน์ คริสติน อับราฮัม

Homeroom Teacher

Master of Arts in S.E. Asian Studies, University of London, UK

Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honour, University of London, UK

Diploma of International Baccalaureate Bilingual, United World College of S.E. Asia/Singapore

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 Originally coming to Lampang in order to further her studies of the Thai language, Anne-Christine Abraham (aka Teacher Anna) found she enjoyed living in this town very much and joined BISN in 2004 when the school was still known as Nawatthaphume International School. Some of the reasons for choosing NIS then still hold true for BISN today, and particularly the beautiful natural setting and the small class sizes create a very special atmosphere. The latter also allows teachers to get to know their students individually and be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each of them.

Having taken some time out to teach in other institutions at kindergarten as well as at university level and also including adult classes at state and private enterprises, Anna is very happy to have returned to BISN teaching at primary level, as children in this age range tend to be enthusiastic about everything, including learning.

Anna is teaching Maths and Science and hopes to help her students gain a sound foundation in these subjects by trying to explain methods and concepts thoroughly as well as giving students plenty of opportunity for practice and also by guiding students in activities designed to deepen their understanding of the topics under study.


 Even though she enjoys her teaching work very much Teacher Anna’s remaining here for such a long time is due to another attraction of the town : Ponies.

Having been horse-mad since she was a little girl and taking every opportunity she could get to ride, Anna had been forced to quit riding on moving to Singapore for her scholarship placement at the United World College of South East Asia, where she completed the International Baccalaureate. During this time, joining the riding for the disabled social service was the only chance to get close to a horse. Studying in London Anna gained both a BA and an MA from the School of Oriental and African Studies but had no chance to spend time with equines. Hence the good luck in hitting on Lampang as the horse carriage capital of Thailand! Since 2006 Anna has been keeping her own ponies, and in 2012 she started to work part-time at BISN in order to look after and train them better.  Anyone interested is welcome to visit and horse riding lessons are also available!